Hadrosaur Productions is committed to bringing you the finest science fiction and fantasy. They produce audio tapes, publish the magazine, Hadrosaur Tales, and collections of short fiction and novels.

Kumie Wise founded Hadrosaur Productions in 1994 as part of a business project at the University of Arizona.  She wanted to present science fiction fans with the most dynamic audio productions of science fiction anywhere. She, along with fellow student, Melissa Guy, developed the original business plan and marketing strategy for The Pirates of Sufiro audio series, written by author and astronomer, David L. Summers. After the success of Pirates of Sufiro, Hadrosaur Productions diversified into print.

In 1995, Hadrosaur Productions, with Kumie still at the helm, moved from Tucson, Arizona to the current offices in Las Cruces, New Mexico. David Summers, author of The Pirates of Sufiro joined the staff as editorial director. William Grother joined as publisher. Together, they created Hadrosaur Tales a science fiction and fantasy anthology series.

The first issue of Hadrosaur Tales was published in 1995. Four years later, they're publishing some of the best speculative fiction from around the world. Submissions come from the United States,  Canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan. If you want to learn more about the parent company, visit their corporate site, Hadrosaur.com.

The work of Wayne James has appeared in Hadrosaur Tales 5,  7, and is featured in the upcoming Hadrosaur 8---planned for release in time for Christmas. 

Reviews of Hadrosaur Tales.

"Loved your stories!" 
Ray Bradbury, in a letter to the editor and authors regarding HT1.

"Well produced book containing a collection of five tantalising tales and three poems..." 
Mini-Review of HT3 from Dragonsphere, published in London. 

"Small press champion David L. Summers returns... recommended."
Mini-Review of HT4 from Dragonshpere

"It's great stuff."
Kevin Schramm, The Mollys

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